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Top 100 Books

Every year a chain of book stores in New Zealand publishes a list of top 100 books which has been voted for by the public. Being the bibliophile that I am always a little over excited when the new list comes out.

This year was no exception, I voted for favourites and went and picked up the new list when it came out so that I could mark off how many of the list I’d read (yes, I’m really that geeky).

So this is what I got from the 2012/13 list:

  1. I’ve read 51/100, I own another 6 which I’m yet to read and a number of entries are trilogies or series so it’s more than  51 individual books.
  2. The top 10 is different every year but no matter which ten books are in the top ten I’ve always read 8 – this never changes.
  3. Having series rather than individual books of popular series is kind of a fortunately/unfortunately situation for me if Game of Thrones was listed I would probably count it as I’ve read at least half of it but I can’t very well claim the series when I’ve read half the first book.
  4. I wonder how many other people count The Bible as a book they’ve read like I do – I’ve not read it cover to cover but I’ve read enough to know the main plot points
  5. 50 Shades of Grey is in the top 10 – I despair.

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