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Dear Mark Zuckerberg

You don’t know me, I’m one of the gazillion people who use your invention.  I have been using facebook since 2007 and it’s great for keeping up with friends in other countries and sharing funny pictures.  There is however a problem, or rather several problems, with your website.  The first problem is Angry Birds, the next is Words with Friends and finally the Bubble Games.

I know you didn’t personally invent the games, but it is through facebook – which you did event – that these time sucking devices enter my life.  Had it not been for facebook I would not have found them and even if, by the power and wonder of the internet, I did come across any of these games I would have to actively go to that exact site rather than it just being there, lurking in the background, ready to grab you and make you fling a bunch of ill tempered birds at some irritating, smug pigs.

All this would be fine but see I work full time, I write a blog (do you like it? Isn’t it pretty?) and I’m trying to finish writing a book and really there are only so many hours in the day, so all I’m asking is an intervention, a self destruct button, maybe a automatic time out, something? Please? I’m more than capable of coming up with ways of procrastinating without your help.


Naomi Austin

CPO (Chief Procrastinating Officer)

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