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I would mock but…

So Justin Beiber is in Auckland at the moment and the female tween population of Auckland has gone mental. I sat next to two girls who were probably about 14 on the train on the way home and they were like so excited, because like were like a metre away from Justin Beiber and they are totally in love with him and how they didn’t know who they’d choose Justin Beiber or some other hot guy whom I assume they actually know.  And then they debated whether or not he and Selena were sleeping together.

I’d like to mock them, I really would but I can’t for the following reasons:

1.  I was once a teenaged girl, I did the whole crazy screaming at pop star thing, except that in my case it was New Kids on the Block, and if my mum had let me I’m sure I would have gone and waited outside their hotel to see Jordan Knight (the one I had a crush on).  But this was the early 90’s and only yuppies had cell phones so there was no way I’d be allowed in the middle of town waiting for a pop act

2.   When I wasn’t a teenager anymore and it was my 28th birthday and I was living in London my friends and I went to see a West End show and passed the theatre where Orlando Bloom was in a play, and there was a crowd waiting. So we waited to see Orlando Bloom, and we got really excited and screamed when we did. We caught the tube home and talked excitedly about seeing Orlando Bloom and how hot he was. We were at least twice as old as the girls on the train today!

3.  Around the same time as 2 one of my friends and I were emailing about James McAvoy (we’d just seen Becoming Jane) and she very seriously said that if she had to choose between James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor and Johnny Depp she didn’t know what she’d do.  Now her I mocked.

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