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A defective jukebox aka my brain

It’s a scientific fact* that 70% of the human brain is filled with song lyrics, I think that with my brain it’s closer to 90%.  It’s a blessing and a curse that I have a ridiculous memory for song lyrics to the point that my friend Jennie claims I know the lyrics to EVERYTHING.  I remember songs really quickly, so (for example) after watching Castle on TV last night I had the song Lanie sang in the 1940’s flashback I had it stuck in my head for part of the day having only heard it the first time I watched the episode on line (so it’s not legal but TVNZ was taking too long).

But because my brain is like a defective jukebox or the weirdest ipod shuffle ever, I’ve also had the following songs in my head at some stage today:

How much is that doggy in the Window? (the lovely Rogan at work does have a very waggily tail_

Baby by Justin Beiber (He’s in the country, it was on the news)

The theme song from Firefly (for no reason at all)

Officer Krupke (again no reason)

The Fraggle Rock theme song  (They had season 4 DVD at a shop near work)

Starships by Nicki Minaj (a song I hate but the lyric gift is a blessing and a curse – this is the curse part)

Smile by Avril Lavinge

Sell out by Reel Big Fish

This is fairly typical – of course like everyone I’ll get Super Trouper stuck in my head for a week.

This is why it’s good for everyone’s sake that my brain comes with a filter


* ok not an actual scientific fact just a random thing I saw somewhere on the internet

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