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The joys of office life

The other day I read this article which puts forward the idea that people should be seated at work based on how you like to work rather by role or department, and as strange as it sounds I kind of found myself agreeing.

As someone who has spent the vast majority of their career in temporary roles, I have sat in all sorts of office arrangements, open plan, semi open plan, my own office (I like that arrangement!).  I’ve sat next to some fantastic people who I’ve gotten on with really well, I’ve also sat next to people I’d have cheerfully bludgeoned to death, I’ve also sat next to people who are really, really loud.

The two main forms of the really, really loud office neighbour seem to be the one who doesn’t know how loud they are and the one who can’t internalise anything.  I’m really not sure which is worse, the office neighbour who doesn’t know their loud is like sitting next to a fog horn all day, it got so bad that I often ended up with a headache from sitting next to them all day. The one with no internal monologue just tells you everything they are thinking and/or are going to do all day. I often think that it’s a good thing I do have a filter because if I said out loud everything I was thinking I’d probably be sent to the loony bin or fired.

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