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The problem with being a nosy reader

I have failed spectacularly with my whole ‘regular blogging’ thing over the last few days.  I’d like to say that I’ve been living the high life, being a social butterfly and all that, but alas I think I spent more time sleeping than anything else this weekend, which is lame but true.

Anyway I’m a definite convert to the kindle phenomenon, I’ve had one since the end of last year and it’s fantastic.  I hardly ever leave the house without a book  so being able to carry something so light with me rather than lugging about books of varying sizes.

Of course as the writer of Shades of Grey has found out you can read absolutely anything on a kindle and no one knows, you could read the filthiest erotica, a kids story or Mein Kampf and no one would know, and that leads me to my problem. I am really nosy, especially when it comes to books.  If I see someone reading a book I really want to know what they’re reading – I’m not entirely sure why, I think it’s partly to see if I’ve read what they’re reading, and of course as more and more people have kindles and other tablets and e-readers it’s going to mean that either I spend a lot of time reading over people’s shoulders or silently seething because I don’t know what people are reading.

It’s an impossible situation – yep a definite first world problem!

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