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I need to be quicker on the draw

I usually have my camera on me, this is a by product of  a couple of things – one is when I lived in London I wanted my camera on me in case I wanted to switch into tourist mode, the other was from doing project 365 where you take a photo everyday (which I totally didn’t manage).  Now that I’m doing this blog it makes sense that I keep my camera with me because everyone likes pictures.

In the last couple of days I’ve had a some real missed opportunities:

1. Masterchef dinner.  I posted a few weeks back about a friends fundraising dinner to raise money to go to Le Cordon Bleu school which is opening in Wellington (more into and to donate go here). Well the dinner was on Sunday and it was amazing, entree was red onion, beetroot and goats cheese tart, main was Beef bourguignon, really buttery and garlicy potatoes and green beans and dessert was a rich chocolate slicey thing.  I was going to take photos of each course so that everyone could see how amazing it all was – but I didn’t remember until dessert.

2. I was waiting to get my morning coffee from the little coffee kiosk near the train station and there was a homeless guy out side McDonalds with a sign which explained that he had a girlfriend and two dogs to support.  So a homeless guy who looks like he hasn’t showered in a few days is in a relationship and I’m not – really?

3. At lunch time yesterday there was a busker on Queen St, playing the clarinet while wearing a horse head mask, I have no idea why.

I did manage to take one photo in the last few days and that was of someone who seemed to be confused as to how an electric blanket works.

Someone’s confused

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