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You can run but you can’t hide

Disclaimer: I’ve very religiously tolerant, I really don’t care what you believe so long as you’re not hurting anyone (including yourself) and you don’t try and convert me.

There are several ways of dealing with unwanted knocks at the door by religious groups there’s being completely rude to them, there’s telling you’re already a member of another church (whether you are or not) there’s counter evangelism (I’ve always wanted to do this – try and convert them to Harry Potter) and the polite ‘no thanks not interested’ which is the one I usually go with.

However what works for many people is the ‘pretend we’re not home approach’ it seems however that the churches have wised up, they’re out for your soul whether you’re home or not.

On Friday when I really wasn’t home (damn this having a job business!) we received this in our letter box:

Church propaganda

The envelope had my add handwritten, there was a handwritten and photocopied letter and couple of church propaganda bits.  It was all wasted on me as I opened it, saw the address was the Kingdom hall and knew I wasn’t going to read any further, because A) I’m not interested and B) if I was I’d go talk to my friend from high school who belongs to the church.

I’ve always wanted to know just how many people they manage to convert on door steps, I guess going door to door gives them points with the big guy up stairs but it still seems like an ultimately thankless task


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