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Fairies and gnomes

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I work in HR.  In every job there’s a part you don’t particularly like, for me it’s salary review time.  I don’t like working with numbers, it’s really not strength and while excel is my best friend I’d really rather not have to sort out salary increases, especially as every time I’ve done salary increases, I’ve been a contractor and not eligible for an increase!

So after a couple of days checking over numbers, figuring out averages, and percentages I decided that in order to balance all seriousness and the general working with numbers I needed to think about fairies.  I’m not sure why fairies exactly but I think it’s the most frivolous thing I could think of.

So here is me writing about fairies:

“Never trust a fairy,” Ipog’s Mum had told him “Fairys will blind you with beauty, light and fairy dust but they’re uppity creatures and completely unreliable.” 

Ipog could still hear his Mum’s voice in his head; although she’d been dead for five years, killed in a freak unicorn gorging accident.   

That had been a fairy’s fault too, some flighty fairy had left the gate open and their unicorn had escaped.  Maybe Mum was right, Ipog thought to himself not for the first time. 

Ipog walked into the fairy section of Voleville feeling every bit the outsider.  As a gnome Ipog was about as welcome in a fairy neighbourhood as plague of locusts. 

Despite everything, Ipog was still fascinated by fairies. Fairies were everything that gnomes weren’t – beautiful, elegant and rich.  Even the poorest fairy lived in absolute luxury compared to the hovels that populated the gnomish part of town.   

Ipog had more opportunity than most of the gnomish community to observe life in the fairy world.  Ipog was quickly developing a reputation for himself as a musician and there was a growing demand for his services at the parties of the fairy glitterati. 

That’s where Ipog was heading tonight, he had a gig at the house of a fairy socialite, not only would the gig pay well but this was a fairy with connections, there would be plenty of people from the record industry there and Ipog might finally get his big break.  If there was one way a gnome could breach the creature divide it was through music, and Ipog was convinced he was going to be huge in the fairy world.

Well that’s all I’ve got, but I do feel much better now that I’ve written nonsense about mythical creatures.

As you were, back to normal programming.

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