House of sleepy cats

In my next life I’m coming back as a cat.  I’ve said before on this blog that I suffer from insomnia, usually that takes the form of waking up lots of times but occasionally I have a night where I pretty much just don’t sleep, last night was one of those.  So my brain really isn’t working properly so I’ll just post photos of the lazy cats who live at my house.

Nala hiding in her little house

Fonzie – out for the count

Nala – just being cute

Differing world views

Every now and then you come across someone who has a completely different world view to you, someone who expresses an opinion so far removed from yours that you can’t quite believe they said what they did because so few people hold that view.  Today I had just such a moment, a colleague said that she didn’t like The Beatles at all, she also doesn’t like the Stones.

Now if this was someone who didn’t like Rock/pop music at all, someone who perhaps preferred classical I could maybe understand but to me saying you don’t like The Beatles is like saying you don’t like music. This sin’t a band with one sound, surely there’s something for everyone – from up tempo pure pop on She Loves You, to rock in Helter Skelter, from sweetly and simply romantic in Here, There and Everywhere to psychedelic in Tomorrow Never Knows, from sadly sentimental in Yesterday to the epic scale of A Day in the Life, hell they even did country in one of the only two songs Ringo wrote in Don’t Pass me by (a song I really don’t like).

To me you can’t say you’re a fan of bands like U2 or the Foo Fighters and then actively dislike The Beatles because without The Beatles you wouldn’t have those bands even Dave Grohl says so.

People who know me would probably think I would be more indignant about people bad mouthing Harry Potter but I can understand that people don’t like fantasy and so wouldn’t like the books but to me I just can’t understand people not liking The Beatles.


It’s not spring!

So this morning I had my writing group (group being a slight exaggeration at this point as this was the second time only two of us showed) and while I was out and about I decided I needed to visit my local mall for a couple of things.

Now it’s July so the middle of winter, we still have August to go until it’s officially spring and August is often pretty cold but the shops in their infinite  wisdom have decided that it’s spring.

I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t imagine that many people thing ‘Hmm it’s July, it’s pouring with  rain and cold let’s go shopping for spring clothes!’ or maybe I’m just bitter because they’re all in spring colours that really don’t suit.


Opening Ceremony, London Olympics

Yes, this is another post about the olympics.  I have to confess that when it comes to the Olympics really haven’t out grown finding them really exciting.

I had high hopes for the opening ceremony but that’s because a lot of the things I love are English and I knew there was a high chance that some of them would be in the opening ceremony.

While the beginning bit set in Hobbiton was a bit odd and I admit that when the strange interpretive dancing came on, I went and put a load of washing on; over all I enjoyed it, how could I not when two of my favourite things were included.  First JK Rowling who’s my idol read from Peter Pan then there was a giant Lord Voldemort, and later Sir Paul McCartney came on to sing a couple of Beatles numbers.

The bit with Rowan Atkinson was brilliant and the way the Olympic flame was lit was so well done I couldn’t be disappointed that it wasn’t lit either by David Tennant as 10th Doctor just as in one of the episodes or by David Beckham in his undies which was another popular suggestion.

I do have a couple of questions though:

  1. Did I see Noel Fielding as the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, google’s not giving me a definitive answer – I hate it when google fails me.
  2. Yes Mary Poppins the character is English but they do know the book was written by an Australian? As much as I hate giving credit to the Aussies.
  3. What the hell were designers thinking in the Czech Republic, Germany and Mexico?
  4. So they were playing British music while during the Parade of Nations but they played U2 who are Irish – a bit politically iffy isn’t it?



What a week for Procrastinators anonymous! I feel like this week the blog has left high school, got into university and is leaving home for the first time.

Last night the little man inside the computer who counts every time someone comes onto this site ticked the counter over on to 1,000.  Over the last 7 months people have looked on here at what I’ve read 1000 times.  Now initially the people coming to this blog were friends of mine from facebook so if I saw that someone from the Czech Republic, or Norway I’d know who it was but I’m getting more people stumbling upon this site and just this week some of these people have liked and followed my blog. 

So here’s a toast you:

May you keep reading my blog, tomorrow morning I’ll be on twitter (Naomi_A79) tweeting about that whole olympics thing that’s going on (I’m a little bit excited about that) and next weekend I’m going to the SPCA with my parents to help them choose a new cat so I can promise more cat photos.  But mostly thank you.

Top 100 Books

Every year a chain of book stores in New Zealand publishes a list of top 100 books which has been voted for by the public. Being the bibliophile that I am always a little over excited when the new list comes out.

This year was no exception, I voted for favourites and went and picked up the new list when it came out so that I could mark off how many of the list I’d read (yes, I’m really that geeky).

So this is what I got from the 2012/13 list:

  1. I’ve read 51/100, I own another 6 which I’m yet to read and a number of entries are trilogies or series so it’s more than  51 individual books.
  2. The top 10 is different every year but no matter which ten books are in the top ten I’ve always read 8 – this never changes.
  3. Having series rather than individual books of popular series is kind of a fortunately/unfortunately situation for me if Game of Thrones was listed I would probably count it as I’ve read at least half of it but I can’t very well claim the series when I’ve read half the first book.
  4. I wonder how many other people count The Bible as a book they’ve read like I do – I’ve not read it cover to cover but I’ve read enough to know the main plot points
  5. 50 Shades of Grey is in the top 10 – I despair.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg

You don’t know me, I’m one of the gazillion people who use your invention.  I have been using facebook since 2007 and it’s great for keeping up with friends in other countries and sharing funny pictures.  There is however a problem, or rather several problems, with your website.  The first problem is Angry Birds, the next is Words with Friends and finally the Bubble Games.

I know you didn’t personally invent the games, but it is through facebook – which you did event – that these time sucking devices enter my life.  Had it not been for facebook I would not have found them and even if, by the power and wonder of the internet, I did come across any of these games I would have to actively go to that exact site rather than it just being there, lurking in the background, ready to grab you and make you fling a bunch of ill tempered birds at some irritating, smug pigs.

All this would be fine but see I work full time, I write a blog (do you like it? Isn’t it pretty?) and I’m trying to finish writing a book and really there are only so many hours in the day, so all I’m asking is an intervention, a self destruct button, maybe a automatic time out, something? Please? I’m more than capable of coming up with ways of procrastinating without your help.


Naomi Austin

CPO (Chief Procrastinating Officer)