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Writing update

When I started this blog part of the reason for starting it was to make myself accountable to a wide audience of invisible people and basically stop procrastinating and write my damn book already.  Since I’m using this blog as virtual motivation it’s probably time I updated all you invisible people on where I am.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I had done as much editing as I was usefully able to do and that it was time to send my book out to a few friends for some feedback and to point out any glaring problem that need editing, especially given that one of my friends is a grammar nazi who used to correct notes I wrote to her during lectures.  So far two of my friends have finished it and enjoyed it, which is obviously a relief.  There’s obviously stuff I need to work on and I’m not sure if I need to flesh out the ending a bit but progress is being made.

I’m also entering a competition where you have to re write a fairy tale  but fit it into modern day New Zealand.  I’ve rewritten Rapunzel but set in an office high rise in down town Auckland.

So stuff is happening, words are being written into word documents and they generally make sense, so yay me!

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