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A few Random things for a Saturday

1. I survived my first week of work and they want me back on Monday and generally think I’m amazing. So it’s safe to say that this contract is a lot better than the last one.

2. On Monday I talked about the fact that there was a hearing dog at work – I’m now friends with the dog on facebook, he’s my first non human facebook friend.

3. My parents got back from their trip yesterday and they bought me an apron with a tube map on it (I needed an apron & love London so it’s not tacky) a Macy’s bag and underwear from Marks & Spencers because we don’t have M&S and their underwear is way better for the price than anything here.  There are apparently more presents to come.

4. Someone ended up on my blog the other day by doing a google search for My black eye.  I’ve only written about my black eye once (on the anniversary of the injury) maybe I should write about other injuries – my broken nose (happened at the same time as the black eye), the time I damaged a nerve ending on my head and gave myself concussion by hitting my head on an aluminium window frame, multiple ankle injuries, the time I put my back out picking up the lid of my moisteriser – I’ve got heaps of these stories, this blog could be accident prone anonymous.

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