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Highs and lows of Day one at a new job

So today was day one of a new contract.  Despite the fact that I’ve been contracting for three years I still get nervous on the first day, especially after the disaster of my last assignment.  Today was over all pretty good with a couple of sour notes that had nothing to do with the job and everything to do with my brain.

First the highs, the most important one is they love me.  My boss told me several times that I’m very efficient and said his feed back for me was that I’m great, and really you can’t hear that enough can you?  Other highs were that I started at 9.30am and there was a morning tea at 10am and free cake is always a good thing, and there’s a hearing dog in the office who wonders off from his charge from time to time and is VERY cute, he’s a King Charles Spaniel which I’ve always liked.

The lows as I said were all down to my brain,  first came at lunch time when I sat down in the local food court with some sushi,  I went to get my kindle out and it wasn’t there.  After scoffing said sushi and going back to the office to check my other bag, still wasn’t there I then went back to the cafe where I’d had coffee before work and luckily they had it.

The second low was that I had this stuck in my head all afternoon – this was something I could really have done without!

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