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It’s Them!

So I live city that’s fairly small, it’s the biggest city in the country but internationally you could safely say it’s pretty small with 1.5 million people living here, so it’s not exactly unheard of see people who are in some way well known.  This can be a good and a bad thing.   Because everyone and their Grandma can spot them when they’re out shopping it means it’s a little bit harder for them to get completely up themselves,  on the bad side you can see them when you’re out shopping.

Now it’s one thing when it’s people who are famous for the usual famous things – TV presenters, actors, musicians, sports stars – but when it’s people who are more infamous than famous and you have really strong opinions about them and you see them when you’re out shopping it’s a bit different.

Unfortunately this is the type of local famous person that I see.  Today I went to get my nails done at a near by mall and saw a really obnoxious, bigoted, TV evangelist and his wife who run what is essentially a cult – to the point that they want to build a gated community so they can keep non believers out.  I think he’s an obnoxious, slimy, bigot who preys on the disadvantaged – I mean they apparently have ATMs in their churches!  But of course my sense of politeness won out and I just glared at them as I walked past.

I’m not sure if not being able to tell a random person I’ve never met that he’s a slimy git is a good thing or not.

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