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A PSA and Blatant Advertising

Today is World Blood Donor day and according, to Jeremy Corbett on 7 Days last week, only 4% of New Zealanders give blood, which is a ridiculously low number.  Unfortunately because I had such a major blood clot incident and have gloopy blood (yeah, it’s a medical term) I’m not allowed to donate – they think I need all my blood – so I take it upon myself to hassle, bully and generally pester people about donating blood.  There’s a number of reasons for this, the two best are 1. I’m accident prone and tend to get ill and injured in incredibly odd ways, so there’s a very high chance that one day I’ll run into a situation where I’ll need blood, 2. if it wasn’t for blood donation my Mum wouldn’t be with us (or gallivanting around Europe).  So if you’re eligible – go donate blood!

Now to the blatant advertising and this is really only for kiwi’s I’m afraid.  My friend Nicci is in the midst of a massive fundraising exercise.  Her flatmate is Andrea Bathgate who was a finalist in a certain cooking reality show that had it’s final this week but which we’re not allowed to name.  Now obviously the only way you get to the top ten of a cooking show is by being an amazing cook, which Andrea is but she wants to be better and this is where the blatant advertising comes in.

Andrea has been accepted into the Cordon Bleu cooking school which is opening a campus in Wellington, this is the school that Julia Childs went to!  What’s even more amazing is that she’s been given a partial scholarship! And this is just as well because they’ve asked for a couple of limbs and her first born; well thousands and thousands of dollars anyway.  So Nicci is fundraising to help Andrea get the money to go.

On Sunday 8th July, Andrea will be holding a fundraising dinner – a three course, Julia Childs inspired meal for $60 (places limited)  she is also selling raffle tickets, $5 per ticket raffle where the winner gets a six course Degustation meal cooked in their own home by Andrea. The other is a $2 per ticket raffle where the winner gets afternoon tea for them and 10 friends.

If either of those interest you let me know!   Right, off to do some work before I got to dinner at Nicci’s ; Andrea is cooking! Woohoo!

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