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Well I thought it was funny

There’s two parts to this really both things I thought were kind of funny but it’s quite possible that I’m the only one.

Murder is good for business

So I was leaving the house just before 1pm this afternoon and I noticed a group of about 6 police staff walking up the road, clearly on the way back from our local bakery.  I’m guessing that since the bakery is only about a 5 minute walk from the crime scene and they’ve been there for nearly a week, that the bakery is doing quite nicely out of this murder!  So it seems there’s profit in everything – even murder.

You had to write two letters for that?

So as I think I’ve mentioned my parents are currently gallivanting around the world on a 7 week trip (I know nice for some!) so I’m going to their house once a week to check through the mail to make sure there aren’t any bills to be paid. Today there were two letters from their Health Insurance Provider, I didn’t look at the names but assumed that they’d sent a bill each for my parents so I opened the first one and it said that the claim for my surgery on my Mum’s right eye had been accepted, I didn’t read the second letter but I assume it was to say that they’d accepted the claim for her left eye as well.  Mum’s having the same procedure, for the same reason on both eyes I hardly think it needs two claims and two letters!  I was imagining the insurance company getting the recommendation from the Doctors saying ‘Mrs Austin needs laser surgery on her eyes’ and them getting in a flap because there wasn’t a separate letter for each eye.

See this is what happens when you don’t have a job, you get amused by really small things.

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