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Mystery phone calls

I had a really odd phone call earlier this afternoon, it wasn’t the usual ‘let’s sell you something’ or ‘Oi! Idiot! Pay your phone bill!’  it was something else.  Well to be fair it may well have been a sales call but given that it was in another language .

The phone number had a 0064 prefix which means that it’s a New Zealand number, but I think the recorded message was in arabic.  Now this isn’t the first of these calls I’ve received and the first phone call was not long after I got back from Dubai, I figured maybe it was something to do with the hospital or hotel I’d stayed in and figured that if they really wanted to get hold of me they’d find a way of doing so.  But I’ve had these phone calls every so often ever since, they’re not on a regular basis I wouldn’t even say it was every six months, it’s more like ‘sometimes I get a call with a recorded message and I think it’s in Arabic’.

This is the first time I’ve taken note of the fact that it’s from a New Zealand number, it’s also the first time I’ve phoned the number back.  However my attempt at being Nancy Drew didn’t really pan out as I got a message saying that the number is invalid.  I’d really just like my curiosity sated but aside from learning Arabic I don’t see that happening.


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