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Where’s the Mystery Machine when you need it?

No I haven’t suddenly inherited a spooky castle that’s filled with ghosts and has a care taker who’s a suspicious old man, but I could use Scooby and the gang none the less.

For the last two days there has been a police cordon outside a house just up the road from me which obviously means one thing – there’s been a crime of some sort.  This much is obvious but it’s the nature of the crime that I’m interested in.  The cordon has been in place since Wednesday sometime so this rules out something minor like burglary, there haven’t been any reports of murders in any of the news sources, I haven’t seen people in boiler suits, so that rules out a P lab, so I’m stumped.

My only two theory is that maybe someone committed suicide because that’s often not publicised  as they don’t want copy cats.  But then why would they be there for so long?

I really don’t want to be ‘that neighbour’ by going up to the cop standing outside the property and asking them what’s happened.

Edit: So the media has finally caught up with what’s happening.  Last year a headless skeleton was found in an abandoned house in my street (so the spooky castle wasn’t too far off) and before he was a headless skeleton the person lived in the house that is now cordoned off, so they’ve been looking for evidence.  So thanks to TV3 and thanks to the lady at the dairy for telling me that TV3 had been outside the house.

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