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I think it’s time that I held an intervention for my cat. I posted a little while ago that he had become a sex pest but his behaviour has gone from bad to worse.

My cat’s bid for supremacy in the house, clearly he thinks he should control the remotes as he’s the man of the house.

Last night he committed a crime, not just sexist behaviour but an actual crime.  He arrived home with a cooked sausage which he’d clearly pilfered from someone.  To make this act of thievery even more unusual, yesterday was not the kind of day that you would have a BBQ , so how did he get his hands on this impromptu meal?  He seems to think that it counted as hunting as he bought it back home with him so that he could show off.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he’s plundered the neighbours properties and bought back the spoils, his biggest catch was a soft toy elephant which he proudly bought home from who knows where:

So with this latest theft it seems the time has come to try and bring a halt to my cat’s stealing spree, somehow I don’t think I’ll have much luck.

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