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Worst Case Scenario

Well it’s been a long weekend here in New Zealand as yesterday was the day we mark the Queen’s birthday and the current Queen was nice enough to have her Jubilee celebrations on the same day to make us feel included, wasn’t that nice of her?

Of course as I’m not working at the moment, long weekends really lose their impact, though it did mean that I could have a long lunch in the sun with one of my friends, which is always nice.

As I mentioned on my slightly grumpy Friday entry, my car failed it’s warrant of fitness on two counts.  Given my naturally pessimistic nature I went to the ‘worst case scenario’ I assumed that it was going to cost hundreds of dollars to fix; though in fairness that’s not just my inborn negativity showing.  In February I had to spend a large amount of money (I can’t remember how much exactly, it was over $2000 so I think I just blocked the number out) so when I hear ‘you’ve failed your warrant and need to get things fixed’  I start imaging the worst.  And of course I imagined the worst all through the long weekend.  I also started trying to decide what car to get when I can replace this one as it seems to cost too much money.

However Marco (my car, it’s a VW Polo) has had a reprieve luckily neither thing that is wrong is major and it’s only going to cost just over $100 which I can live with. But still Marco is on his final warning so he better behave!

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