Room with a view

Well it’s the middle of the week and I really don’t have a lot to say so I thought I’d post something pretty:


I’ve been meaning to post a view from my desk, and today I saw this yacht out on the harbour, and it looked really pretty.

Writing update

When I started this blog part of the reason for starting it was to make myself accountable to a wide audience of invisible people and basically stop procrastinating and write my damn book already.  Since I’m using this blog as virtual motivation it’s probably time I updated all you invisible people on where I am.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I had done as much editing as I was usefully able to do and that it was time to send my book out to a few friends for some feedback and to point out any glaring problem that need editing, especially given that one of my friends is a grammar nazi who used to correct notes I wrote to her during lectures.  So far two of my friends have finished it and enjoyed it, which is obviously a relief.  There’s obviously stuff I need to work on and I’m not sure if I need to flesh out the ending a bit but progress is being made.

I’m also entering a competition where you have to re write a fairy tale  but fit it into modern day New Zealand.  I’ve rewritten Rapunzel but set in an office high rise in down town Auckland.

So stuff is happening, words are being written into word documents and they generally make sense, so yay me!

Seems that my parents know me well

So yesterday I said that my parents had come back from their trip and that they bought me back presents, well I went over for dinner tonight and they gave me the rest of my presents (apart from ones that are being saved for my birthday)

Here’s all my presents:

The loot

If you look closer at some of the presents, there is a bit of a theme…

Jane Austen anyone?

Though Mum did ask if I’d read I’d read Mansfield Park – I pointed out that Jane Austen only wrote 6 books.  As you can see my parents went to Bath, where Jane Austen spent quite a bit of time and they have the Jane Austen Centre, it’s really the only Jane Austen place of interest that I haven’t actually visited, I have stopped there for about 5 minutes but that’s it.  Strangely the early part of the book I’m writing is set in Bath.

A few Random things for a Saturday

1. I survived my first week of work and they want me back on Monday and generally think I’m amazing. So it’s safe to say that this contract is a lot better than the last one.

2. On Monday I talked about the fact that there was a hearing dog at work – I’m now friends with the dog on facebook, he’s my first non human facebook friend.

3. My parents got back from their trip yesterday and they bought me an apron with a tube map on it (I needed an apron & love London so it’s not tacky) a Macy’s bag and underwear from Marks & Spencers because we don’t have M&S and their underwear is way better for the price than anything here.  There are apparently more presents to come.

4. Someone ended up on my blog the other day by doing a google search for My black eye.  I’ve only written about my black eye once (on the anniversary of the injury) maybe I should write about other injuries – my broken nose (happened at the same time as the black eye), the time I damaged a nerve ending on my head and gave myself concussion by hitting my head on an aluminium window frame, multiple ankle injuries, the time I put my back out picking up the lid of my moisteriser – I’ve got heaps of these stories, this blog could be accident prone anonymous.

Highs and lows of Day one at a new job

So today was day one of a new contract.  Despite the fact that I’ve been contracting for three years I still get nervous on the first day, especially after the disaster of my last assignment.  Today was over all pretty good with a couple of sour notes that had nothing to do with the job and everything to do with my brain.

First the highs, the most important one is they love me.  My boss told me several times that I’m very efficient and said his feed back for me was that I’m great, and really you can’t hear that enough can you?  Other highs were that I started at 9.30am and there was a morning tea at 10am and free cake is always a good thing, and there’s a hearing dog in the office who wonders off from his charge from time to time and is VERY cute, he’s a King Charles Spaniel which I’ve always liked.

The lows as I said were all down to my brain,  first came at lunch time when I sat down in the local food court with some sushi,  I went to get my kindle out and it wasn’t there.  After scoffing said sushi and going back to the office to check my other bag, still wasn’t there I then went back to the cafe where I’d had coffee before work and luckily they had it.

The second low was that I had this stuck in my head all afternoon – this was something I could really have done without!

It’s Them!

So I live city that’s fairly small, it’s the biggest city in the country but internationally you could safely say it’s pretty small with 1.5 million people living here, so it’s not exactly unheard of see people who are in some way well known.  This can be a good and a bad thing.   Because everyone and their Grandma can spot them when they’re out shopping it means it’s a little bit harder for them to get completely up themselves,  on the bad side you can see them when you’re out shopping.

Now it’s one thing when it’s people who are famous for the usual famous things – TV presenters, actors, musicians, sports stars – but when it’s people who are more infamous than famous and you have really strong opinions about them and you see them when you’re out shopping it’s a bit different.

Unfortunately this is the type of local famous person that I see.  Today I went to get my nails done at a near by mall and saw a really obnoxious, bigoted, TV evangelist and his wife who run what is essentially a cult – to the point that they want to build a gated community so they can keep non believers out.  I think he’s an obnoxious, slimy, bigot who preys on the disadvantaged – I mean they apparently have ATMs in their churches!  But of course my sense of politeness won out and I just glared at them as I walked past.

I’m not sure if not being able to tell a random person I’ve never met that he’s a slimy git is a good thing or not.

Back to being a working stiff

I’ve got a real case of fortunately/unfortunately today, fortunately I’ve got a job for 8 weeks starting Monday – hooray! I’ll be working for what is sort of a government agency, which is something very different for me and I’ve got a good hourly rate which is fantastic because I’ve not worked for a few weeks and frankly I need the money.

Unfortunately I have a job starting Monday so no more sleep ins, staying in my PJ’s till 10, snuggling with my cat, and working on my writing.  So basically back to normal!

This really has come at a good time though because yesterday I released my iron grip on the book I’ve been working on and released it to some friends for their opinion because I’ve done as much as I can on it at this stage.  And of course I’m convinced it’s a steaming pile of poo but of course time will tell if it is or not.

One thing I’m sure of though – next week is going to be a looooooooooooooooong week.