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Random thoughts on The Avengers

Well since I’m not working at the moment (I really need to post about that but I’ll do that tomorrow) I decided to take myself off to the movies to see The Avengers.  Now I know some people think that going to the movies by yourself is odd but 1) I don’t care and 2) my friends who I used to see super hero movies with have either got husbands to see them with or have moved to the other side of the world (to be with a husband who she can go to superhero movies with).  So I took my unemployed self off to see it today.

First off I really liked it Joss Whedon was quite possibly the perfect person to make this movie, he has a real way of mixing action and humour that completely worked for this movie, especially considering how many different characters he had to balance and still make it work.  I did however have some random thoughts.

Firstly, I want to be Scarlett Johanssen when I grow up – this is not a new thought, I thought the same thing after seeing Ironman 2.

Secondly, how many times has Manhattan been completely totaled in a movie? When you think of all the superhero movies, plus all the disaster and end of the world type movies where New York City plays host to something horrible which is going to destroy the earth and the streets are dug up and yellow taxis are flying everywhere.  In movie world NYC would always being rebuilt.  At least now there’s computer animation so movie makers and destroy it to their hearts content.

Thirdly, this year I have seen The Muppets (starring Jason Segal, with a cameo from Neil Patrick Harris) American Pie Reunion (starring Allyson Hannigan with a cameo from Neil Patrick Harris) The 5 year engagement (Jason Segal again) and now the Avengers (Cobie Smulders) so my question is what has Josh Randor being doing?  I’ve seen movies with the rest of the cast of How I Met Your Mother this year it’s about he did an extra curricular activity.

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