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Happy Mothers Day – sort of

In many parts of the world today is Mothers Day, including my part of the world.  However right now my parents have recently arrived in Chicago after being on a train for the last couple of days.

This means a few things:

  1. My home phone is VERY quiet at the moment
  2. I’m exempt from doing anything for mothers day partly because of this and partly due to the fact that I’ve accumulated enough ‘good daughter’ points by organising a surprised 70th birthday party for Mum in February, then giving her a Kindle for her birthday and doing a lot of organising for the trip they’re on.
  3. I can post an embarrassing photo of her and she can’t stop me!

Ah the 80’s I especially love how Mum’s glasses make her look like an owl

So I’m sending Happy Mothers Day vibes in the direction of Chicago.


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