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Oh My God

Well this week has been a wash out as far as writing goes what with the strange hand disease and starting a new job and tonight I was out at a concert.

English band The Kaiser Chiefs played at The Powerstation tonight – a pretty small venue really considering that they play big venues and festivals like Glastonbury, so either they’ll think we stiffed them or like it was a more intimate experience.

I’m a huge fan of The Kaiser Chiefs – they’re a real ‘time and place’ band for me, a band that were the sound track to a great time in my life.  I moved to the UK in May 2006 to do the antipodean right of passage – the big OE.  They’d released their first album the year before and were HUGE in the UK when I got over there. They also released their second album while I was over their and again it was huge and I have lots of memories associated with it (like singing Angry Mob in Sainsbury’s with one of my friends).  I also remember listening to Oh My God a lot when I got back to NZ and felt like I was cut off from the rest of the world.

The concert tonight was great – Ricky Wilson is a fantastic frontman, he got right in with the crowd and really worked the audience.  One slightly odd thing that fascinated me was the drummer.  The last concert I went to was The Foo Fighters (also awesome)  and the drummer Taylor Hawkins was like this:

But the drummer from the Kaiser Chiefs was like this:

Except with a long sleeve shirt – at the end of the show he still looked the same – not a hair out of place – it was strangely intriguing.

I did love the show – they’re really fantastic live!

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