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Not bad as far as first days go

Well I’m nearly recovered my horrible disfiguring hand disease, and I’m nearly back to being able to touch type.

Today I started a new contract role.  I’ve been contracting/temping for over three years now so you’d think I’d be used to walking into new work places and settling my self in.  Yeah, not so much.

Generally the night before I start I don’t sleep well the night before (worse than usual) and I’m always really nervous before hand – you know in case I get there and they decide they don’t actually want me to work there after all.

Today went really well though, there’s an office move coming up (joy!) and the office is going from being an open plan/small office mix to a full open plan office and we’re going to do a presentation on etiquette on how to work in open plan.  So part of my job today? Searching the net for stuff we can use in the presentation.

Being paid to surf the net really is a pretty good way to start a new job.

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