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And I got distracted again

So again the procrastination monster won out and I haven’t done a post for a few days -this sounds a bit like confession ‘Forgive me for I have sinned, it has been three days since my last blog’. (Please note – this is how confession is on tv and movies  – I was raised as an Anglican, so I really have no idea how it works in real life).

I have a very good reason for being distracted, on Friday I got distracted by bubbly.  I got offered a new job (contract role for about 6 months) on Friday so I decided celebration was in order. And yesterday I spent the afternoon reading rather than writing which is actually a pretty lame reason.

But now  I’m back, from outer space, and ready to blog again, to get momentum going again.

Last night I went to see The Five Year Engagement with a couple of friends, it’s actually a really interesting premise for a movie – most romantic comedies end when the couple get engaged and live happily ever after but this starts with the engagement but of course things don’t go according to plan.  Now I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy – especially one that’s done a bit differently which this one was.  Funniest scene I think was Emily Blunt’s character having an argument with her sister in sesame street character voices – brilliant!  There were a few bits that did drag but over all it was a good laugh.  It was pretty much exactly what you expect when you walk into the movie theatre.

Also last chance for the poll!

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