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I do love the internet; it’s a place that reminds you that no matter how weird you think you are there is always someone weirder.

One of the best things about the bizarreness that is the internet is that often you’ll find weirdness hiding in plane sight. You don’t need to google search for something weird, often the strange and bizarre with land right in your lap. Like today.


I went onto trademe.co.nz (basically New Zealand’s answer to ebay) to give feedback to the bloke I bought the old Edmond’s cookbook from and thought I’d see what else he was listing as he seemed to have a lot of feedback.  It looks like he’s an antique dealer he’s got a lot of nick nacks, old books, old coins things like that for sale but it was this that I found interesting.


I mean WTF?  Is that what it’s made from (an animal’s one – obvioulsy) or is it used as a kind of sheath?  I’m horribly confused and slightly disturbed.

Speaking of disturbing – don’t forget about my poll from earlier in the week.

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