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Turns out I do have morals after all

Word count – not sure really need to combine a couple of documents and get a total. So basically, I don’t know.

Yesterday a job ad was posted on seek.co.nz which is pretty much the main job site in NZ.  It had pretty much had me written all over it – HR Advisor? Check! 6 month contract? Check! FMCG experience? Check!

Figuring that some poor sod was working on a public holiday (possibly from home) I decided I’d phone today when I had a spare moment.  So I phoned the recruitment agency (who I’ve dealt with before) and after the pleasantries and after she figured out who I was (turns out there’s another Naomi she deals with – what are the odds) we started talking about the role, she had to ask one question – would I be happy to work for a Tobacco company.

Fantastic, pretty much the only industry which I have a blanket ban on is Tobacco.  So I finally found my moral limit when it comes to work.  I’ve always been anti smoking, my granddad had emphysema and I would feel like a hypocrite and I wouldn’t want pushing cigarettes on my conscience – I have enough trouble sleeping without things like this weighing on my conscience.

The day did pick up from there though. In some ways today was the best kind of day – a day when I receive a book through the mail!  Amazon had sent me The Blogess’s  book which was a nice surprise to end the day (ok not a total surprise I did buy it but I didn’t know it would arrive today!) I’ve only read the chapter titles and coversand already I’ve laughed   lots – which is a very good start.

I’ve got one more book I’m waiting on in the mail – but more on that and it’s associated blog project later.

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