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Lest we forget

So today is a public holiday in New Zealand and Australia as it’s ANZAC day.  ANZAC Day, besides being a public holiday is our memorial, it marks the day in 1915 when troops landed at Gallipoli in what was a disastrous campaign that lost many many lives and gained very little.  It is generally considered the place where New Zealand and Australia both became nations distinct from being an out post of England.  We remember all the fallen from all the wars New Zealand has fought in right up to the peace keeping and rebuild teams in places like Afghanistan.

Now there is nothing I can say about to day that hasn’t been said many times before by people far more eloquent than me, so instead I’m going to post something related to waste time reading – a procrastination tool.

Mental Floss are doing a series tracking the causes of WWI as the centenary of each event occurs leading up to the declaration of war in 1914.  The fact that this series started last year shows what a long slow complicated dance it was that lead to WWI.  I’ve often thought that the reason that there are far more movies about WWII than WWI is because the basics of WWII are easy – it’s a simple good vs evil, the Nazis were evil and needed to be stopped, where as WWI was the end point of a lot of political wrangling, disagreements and Germany’s plans for expansion.  As a History geek I find the series really interesting.

So though I spend the day sleeping in, faffing about with my blog, and watching Glee I’d still like to remember what the day is about.


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