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Mondays, Muppets and Movies

Word Count – officially the same as it was before but I’ve been doing some side work on the sub plot which I don’t really have a total for yet. Ah Monday!  The day that comes with realisation that you have to drag yourself out of bed and through another working week.  Of course we have a sort of mini break as it’s a public holiday day on Wednesday, which means that Thursday will be an odd sort of day where it feels like Monday but it’s nearly the weekend – which will either make it awesome or terrible beyond belief. After today I think I should have a ‘Monday Muppet’ award though if this is the inaugural award I’ve got three contenders. Contender 1 for Monday Muppet: Not so much a person as a system.  The Auckland transportation system, after two weeks of transport bliss while the city’s school and university students were on holiday, today the Auckland transport system (in my area at least) ground to a halt.  This is after the bus company rolled out their supposedly new and improved time tables which had more buses.  Conclusion? Auckland’s public transport system only works when hardly anyone uses it.  I really shouldn’t use public transport – it turns me into a grumpy old lady who mutters things under her breath about ‘kids these days’ and I’m a good 40 years too young for that.

Contender 2 for Monday Muppet:  A young guy we were looking to hire.  As part of the recruitment process he had to undergo a medical, twice in the last few weeks he’s been booked, twice he failed to show.  So last week I put on my big growly teacher voice and phoned him and told him that he had one more chance and if he failed to show then no job for him.  Today was his appointment and you guessed it he was a no show.  Muppet, now he doesn’t have a job when he gets made redundant.

Contender 3 for Monday Muppet: Work and Income New Zealand or WINZ for short.  Three years ago I got made redundant and I applied for the unemployment benefit which I was duly payed.  Despite telling them of my every move, they somehow over paid me and given I was doing bits and pieces here and there I didn’t notice.  A year later they audited me and eventually said I owed them money.  At this point I had a rare moment of ‘sticking it to the man’ and decided that they could take it in small amounts out of my pay check.  Today I got a phone call (which I missed) and an email asking me to phone them.  I got back to them only to find out I still owed them money – a whole $5, of course I can’t pay over the phone so that required another email.  All up over half an hour of work done by a government agency to retrieve $5.

Given that Number 2 is the only individual I think he wins.

In more optimistic less grumpy old lady news, I’ve just got home from seeing The Hunger Games  with one of my friends. My friend had forced the book on me in a way that I knew that I needed to read it or I’d never hear the end of it (we’re very similar in this regard) and I devoured it in a weekend.  So when the movie came out we were both dying to see it. It’s taken a few weeks of schedule wrangling (especially with her husband who travels for work and in the end gave up on trying to see it) but we finally got to see it.  First off the casting was brilliant, I was a bit unsure of Woody Harrelson playing Haymitch going into the movie but he was fantastic, they did a fantastic job of showing the contrast between the struggle of life in the districts compared with the spectacle of the Capitol.  I could have done without the shaky ‘Blair Witch Project’ camera work – I found this made it hard to watch at time but apart from that I thought it was a really faithful adaptation.  I think it’ll be interesting to see how they do with the other two films,  I felt that the rest of the trilogy wasn’t as strong but often things are ironed out when they’re adapted to the screen.

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