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Pimping my blog

Word count: 31,606

So again it’s been a wee while – a month this time but I have actually put that time to good use, I’m making really good progress with editing my novel and I’m well on track for the October deadline for the competition that I want to enter.

But I do have plans to make my blog better, faster, stronger – or even just prettier, more frequent and covering more topics.  I have plans to have sort of projects which may be part of the main blog or may be off shoot blogs.

This will either be the first step in world domination or more things for me to procrastinate about doing – it could go either way

But as a first step I’ll make my blog prettier:

This is Fonzie my very cute, very affectionate cat – I got Fonzie from a rescue shelter who had already named him, enough of my friends told me that they didn’t care what I called him they’d call him Fonzie so the name stuck.

He certainly makes the blog prettier!

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