So it’s been a while

Word count: 29,804

OK it’s been more than a while it’s been bloody ages but there is one very important difference between the last post and this one – I have finished the first draft!  That’s right my story has three essential ingredients – a beginning, a middle and an end. (Though the end is a little on the strange side and not terribly definitive – if you ever read it, you have been warned) It is a little light at 29,804 but I do have a subplot which is more or less a couple of scenes plonked in the middle of no where with no real weaving into the story at all so more needs to be written on the sub plot and much weaving done as well as describing how a few things work a bit better to give the reader more of an idea of how my heroine feels.


But yay! First draft! See and you probably thought I was off watching episodes of Doctor Who well ha! I’ve run out of episodes.

Other things have changed since my last blog post – As of just over a month ago my mother notched up another decade on the planet and I planned a surprise party for her (I did the organising – Dad funded it) One of my closest friends walked down a very steep aisle and got married – I also walked down the aisle as one of her bridesmaids and amazed everyone by not falling over!  I’m also working in a different place (the joys of contracting) and I have a new flatmate and as of tomorrow we will have another four legged flatmate as my flatmate’s cat will join the household, what my wee moggy will make of it remains to be seen.


But for now the important thing is draft one is done.  I now have the arduous task of ripping it to pieces in the editing process – Joy!