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This isn’t an intelligence test

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So my current contract finishes next Friday so I’m once again in the process of applying for roles. Woohoo – Fun!

The thing is there are so many different versions of how to apply for  job, from the simple ‘attach your CV and cover letter here’ through to ‘tell us your life story and promise us your first born’ and I just tried to apply for a job that was definitely in the latter category.

From the job site I you had to click the apply button which took you to the site for the organisation (a government department) and after attaching a cover letter and my CV and answering their numerous questions to see if I’m suitable I pressed submit.  Apparently I hadn’t done it right – I hadn’t filled in a section that asked for an expiry date for a work visa I neither have nor require (ummm I answered citizen in the first question ergo the second question isn’t needed…) So after three attempts at getting it right I gave up.

There’s a couple of very good reasons for this – 1. if this is how the organisation is then do I really want to work for them and 2. I work in HR, recruitment is part of my job – if  a system is that frustrating from a user end then I imagine it will be even more so from the back end and 3. Well, it wouldn’t let me.

Really, why make it so hard to apply for a job, it shouldn’t be an intelligence test – unless maybe you’re recruiting for a brain surgeon, or a rocket scientist – those people should be very smart and able to figure it out.

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