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Looooong day

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Where I’m working at the moment we have people working shift work.  Now that’s all fine most of the time – I work in the office and I work standard office hours.  Except that because I work in HR I do sometimes have to meet with people who don’t work the same hours as me – and today was one of those days.

We had 16 part time staff start today, they’ll be spread out over the three shifts but today they all worked day shift so they could go through their induction and our day shift starts at 7am so I had to be at work from 6.30 and I really am not good that early in the morning.  But at least it was a good reason to be going in at the crack of dawn – new people starting!  Normally when I have to go in that early it’s because someone on the night shift has played up in some way and I have to hold disciplinary meeting though the upside of it being that early is it isn’t hard to be grumpy with people.

But wait! You’ll say you started early – you could finish early, enjoy the summer do some work on this writing project we’ve been hearing so much about.  Sadly no, I think I wrote last week forgetting all about a role I’d advertised before christmas?  Well it turns out that the hiring manager worked through the holidays and is going on holiday on Wednesday so we need to try and rush through first interviews so I had interviews all afternoon and a disciplinary in between  the induction and the recruitment.

It’s times like this I’m glad live alone – no one can judge me for going to be crazily early!

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