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Writing fail!

Word count: 21,670

OK so I started the week pretty well, I managed to get a fair amount of writing done, the rest of the week? Not so much.

So I guess it’s a case of must try harder.  I don’t have an awful lot planned for the weekend so I can hopefully get some more writing done, for now I’m watching trash TV and drinking Berry Cider.  I’ve had a pretty crazy day so I figure I deserve it.

This week has been the week of  Computers want me dead.  Maybe the computer gods weren’t finished with me from my New Years eve debacle.  Yesterday I got to work, turned on my computer, went and got a cup of coffee while my computer woke up with all the enthusiasm of a teenager on the first day of school and came back to log in.  Except I couldn’t apparently IT thinks that contractors should be hired for 3 months.  Yep apparently those are the rules, pity no one told me.  Of course it wasn’t a day where I didn’t have much to do and could go across the road for coffee – nope, I had crap loads of work to do.

Luckily feet were stomped appropriately by enough people and I got access by the afternoon (after illegally using someone else’s profile- ha! Take that IT) but for the rest of the day and today the computer would throw random tantrums culminating with my password randomly being changed – did I mentioned the last couple of days have been crazy busy?

Anyway onwards and upwards!

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