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Don’t give up your day job

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Well it was back to the real world today after two weeks of getting up late, and basically doing feck all.  Not only did I have to get up at a normal time but I actually had to get up early for a 7.10am Chiropractor appointment with my friend and former flatmate.  I was in a really deep sleep at 6.25 having a strange dream that meandered from me working in a hotel, to some sort of interactive history lesson to somehow ending up on a super freaky log flume ride; so that when my alarm went off my first thought was ‘what’s that noise’.

So after having my back and neck put back where they should be I made it into work where I faced the first major obstacle of the day – what the hell was my login?  In it’s infinite wisdom the company I work for doesn’t do the normal firstname.lastname as log in it has a sort of employee number – and first time round I forgot a 0.

I eventually got myself logged and began the longest day ever.  There’s something about that first week back after a holiday where it seems to go on forever – especially the first day.  When I was thinking about my first day back I didn’t think that there would be a heck of a lot to do, that was because I’d completely forgotten about a job ad I had up on a job website.

I work in HR, and part of my job is recruitment.  Before the Christmas break I placed an ad on a job site for a role in Supply chain, luckily I’d screened the applications I’d received before Christmas because there were about 40 applications that had come in over the last two weeks.

Screening CV’s is a pretty easy, it’s almost HR 101 but it was really hard to keep paying attention to badly worded or formatted CV’s on your first day back.  It may be a new year but it seems that people still can’t put together a decent CV and get really basic things wrong – I saw several today where they didn’t list their jobs in reverse chronological order.  I want to read about what you’ve done recently first now dig through a whole bunch of info to see what you’ve been doing!

But still I survived and the next few weeks look to be pretty busy before I finish my contract 27 January.  I’ve even got some writing done since yesterday’s blog – check me out!

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