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A new writing group

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So today I went along to my first meeting with a writing group.  I love the idea of a writing group because writing is so insular, and it’s next to impossible to know whether you’re writing an instant classic or absolute garbage so having a group of people you can share your work with and get ideas from is great.  It’s also another form of a boot up the bum.

I tried joining a writing group last year but it sort of fizzled out into nothing, so when I stumbled across this group on website meetup, I thought I’d give it another bash.  The group is a real mixture of people – men, women, different ages, different interests in writing, fiction/non fiction,  so I think I’ll be able to get a some really interesting and useful perspectives.

Another good thing about the group was that there were others who had set goals in mind – so they were querying their books or had an idea of when they wanted them published or something they were actually working towards.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out and to read some of the writing from other people in the group, if nothing else it’s meeting a new set of people, which is always a good thing.

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