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Another task part way done

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So I’m rapidly running out of holiday time so I figured that I really couldn’t avoid the massive spring clean that I’ve been meaning to do since, well, spring.  The weather for once co-operated and we had a day that you could actually call summer meaning I could do several loads of washing and open all the doors and windows to my house and really give the house a good airing.

Things that were in need of washing have been washed, things have been put away and tidied.  I’m still party way through the process – more things need to be put away and I need to put the Christmas tree down which can, and usually is, done while watching TV, and do whole hope of vacuuming – Joy!

Of course as well as having my house all tidy and extra clean (which it should be I know but I’m pretty untidy) I do need to have it looking amazing because I’ll be looking for a new flatmate from next week.  Just before Christmas my wonderful flatmate had to move out, so now I have to find someone to move in and help with the bills who I like.  My old flatmate and I got on really well.  I especially like that when she was procrastinating (she’s a student) she vacuumed!

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