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Woohoo! 20k!

Word count: 20,421

Yes folks, I have finally got over the 20k mark! Again! I’ve also finished the chapter, though it does feel like it goes on too long so I have a feeling that there’ll be two chapters in there when I go back and edit but that’s for another time.

Now there are times when I really wish I wrote Historical fiction.  The main reason for that is because if you’re writing about Elizabeth I or Mary Queen of Scots or Henry VIII then everyone in their court are already known and you don’t have to make up names.

I’m not the greatest at forward thinking when it comes to names, I remember reading that JK Rowling sat down and wrote out all the students in Harry’s year at Hogwarts so if she needed a character she could just go to the list.  This is a brilliant idea and I really wish I was the kind of writer that thought that far ahead but I’m really not.  I have a plan, I know who most of the main players are and how things are going to happen but then I’ll get blind sided by a minor character.  Generally I highlight them in Red and carry on and come back to the name later.

In what I’m working on at the moment as all the main female characters are time travelers (or will be when they’re of age) I’ve decided that they’ll all have names of Historically significant women so my main character is Amelia, after Amelia Earheart, her older sister is Kate – full name Katherine but generally called Kate – after sever historically significant Katherine’s but more specifically after Kate Sheppard who led New Zealand’s Suffragette movement, her younger sister is Eva, after Eva Peron.

This is all fun and everything but not all of the characters are time travelers.  I was up to chapter 9 before I realised that I hadn’t actually given Amelia’s father a first name, I hadn’t needed to, he was always referred to as Dad!  The other problem is the I’d named Amelia’s best friend Cassie but I hadn’t named any of her other friends.  For that though I looked up what names were popular when she was born and also went to www.behindthename.com to try and find names from other cultures because Amelia goes to school in Auckland so she’d have friends from all sorts of cultural back grounds.

Right, enough faffing about here – I have to try and get some more writing done before I have to take the cat to the vet for his annual shots, I’m already in the bad books for keeping him inside all day so he’ll be extra grumpy by the time the day’s out!

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