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Back again

Word Count: 19,909

So the procrastination beast won a round yesterday.  Well maybe it was the procrastination beast with some back up from the insomnia beast.  I had every intention of doing some writing while watching  a movie (strangely it works – most of the time) but ended up falling asleep sometime around when Princess Leia was being rescued from the detention level and waking up just as she was giving medals to Luke and Han – so all round a solid effort.

Still as can be seen from the word count some writing has been done and I’m gradually clawing back the words my computer cruelly stole from me and I will have made it past the 20k mark again by the end of the day.

So what is this writing project anyway?  Well early last year I finally got another project to a space where I thought a manuscript assessor would be useful, so I formatted it properly, printed it off and sent my little story off to Wellington to be assessed.  While it was away having adventures in the Capitol (if it’s anything like it’s author it probably spent most of its time in Te Papa the national museum) I came up with another idea that seemed fantastic.

I was going through one of my bouts of insomnia and had a great idea – what if Time Travel was hereditary? Sort of like in The Time Travelers wife but more controlled, a secret passed down the generations, a gift you inherit in your teens.  Now I have all sorts of amazing ideas at 3am when I’m trying to sleep but mostly I don’t remember them.  In fact a couple of weeks before I had this idea I had a long weekend in Sydney and my flight had been delayed meaning I didn’t get home until nearly 2am and had to be up at 6.30 and while I was trying to get to sleep I had the most amazing idea for a book – which I hope to remember one day…  But this time the idea stuck and by the time I’d finished having my shower I had the main characters voice – I knew who she was, how she talked and what made her tick.  The only thing I didn’t have was a name.

The tricky part was what I really wanted to do was start writing but I knew that if I didn’t sit down and work out exactly how time travel worked in the world I was creating and exactly what the rules were then I’d run into a whole bunch of problems later.

So now I have characters, I have a plot outline, I have rules that they need to follow, I just need to write it!


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