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Save me!

Word count 19,503 (yes, really)

Happy New Year!  Hopefully everyone had a great New Years Eve! I had a great evening with friends, we had a BBQ at a friends place and I bought a bottle of French Bubbly that I bought at a wine sale a few months ago and had been saving for a special occasion which I decided last night was.

So yesterday when I wrote my blog I was determined to finish the year with a bang and get over the 20k mark. The good news? I did it! I wrote and I wrote and I got my main character out of where she was and in place to deal with the next thing I’m throwing in her direction. The bad news? My computer over heated and shut down.  Normally this is just annoying and it starts up again with everything open exactly where it was but for reasons known only to the fickle computer gods this didn’t happen this time and some how my changes weren’t saved – despite the auto save thing that happens every few minutes.

This isn’t the first time I’ve lost a whole bunch of writing I lost an essay to a corrupted disc and had to rewrite the whole thing in a day (got a B – thank you very much!) and when I was writing the other book I finished (still needs A LOT of work and may never see the light of day) I left the disc with it all on in a internet cafe.

It’s weird I find that having to completely rewrite something because I’ve lost it makes for better work as I remember generally what I’ve written but I write a better version of it second time around.

So I now have to go back and start yesterday’s writing again.

After that it’s off to feed my friend’s animals and then over to my parents for a New Years Day dinner and most probably more travel planning for their trip in May.


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