This isn’t an intelligence test

Word count 22,493

So my current contract finishes next Friday so I’m once again in the process of applying for roles. Woohoo – Fun!

The thing is there are so many different versions of how to apply for  job, from the simple ‘attach your CV and cover letter here’ through to ‘tell us your life story and promise us your first born’ and I just tried to apply for a job that was definitely in the latter category.

From the job site I you had to click the apply button which took you to the site for the organisation (a government department) and after attaching a cover letter and my CV and answering their numerous questions to see if I’m suitable I pressed submit.  Apparently I hadn’t done it right – I hadn’t filled in a section that asked for an expiry date for a work visa I neither have nor require (ummm I answered citizen in the first question ergo the second question isn’t needed…) So after three attempts at getting it right I gave up.

There’s a couple of very good reasons for this – 1. if this is how the organisation is then do I really want to work for them and 2. I work in HR, recruitment is part of my job – if  a system is that frustrating from a user end then I imagine it will be even more so from the back end and 3. Well, it wouldn’t let me.

Really, why make it so hard to apply for a job, it shouldn’t be an intelligence test – unless maybe you’re recruiting for a brain surgeon, or a rocket scientist – those people should be very smart and able to figure it out.

Looooong day

Word Count: 22,076

Where I’m working at the moment we have people working shift work.  Now that’s all fine most of the time – I work in the office and I work standard office hours.  Except that because I work in HR I do sometimes have to meet with people who don’t work the same hours as me – and today was one of those days.

We had 16 part time staff start today, they’ll be spread out over the three shifts but today they all worked day shift so they could go through their induction and our day shift starts at 7am so I had to be at work from 6.30 and I really am not good that early in the morning.  But at least it was a good reason to be going in at the crack of dawn – new people starting!  Normally when I have to go in that early it’s because someone on the night shift has played up in some way and I have to hold disciplinary meeting though the upside of it being that early is it isn’t hard to be grumpy with people.

But wait! You’ll say you started early – you could finish early, enjoy the summer do some work on this writing project we’ve been hearing so much about.  Sadly no, I think I wrote last week forgetting all about a role I’d advertised before christmas?  Well it turns out that the hiring manager worked through the holidays and is going on holiday on Wednesday so we need to try and rush through first interviews so I had interviews all afternoon and a disciplinary in between  the induction and the recruitment.

It’s times like this I’m glad live alone – no one can judge me for going to be crazily early!

Writing fail!

Word count: 21,670

OK so I started the week pretty well, I managed to get a fair amount of writing done, the rest of the week? Not so much.

So I guess it’s a case of must try harder.  I don’t have an awful lot planned for the weekend so I can hopefully get some more writing done, for now I’m watching trash TV and drinking Berry Cider.  I’ve had a pretty crazy day so I figure I deserve it.

This week has been the week of  Computers want me dead.  Maybe the computer gods weren’t finished with me from my New Years eve debacle.  Yesterday I got to work, turned on my computer, went and got a cup of coffee while my computer woke up with all the enthusiasm of a teenager on the first day of school and came back to log in.  Except I couldn’t apparently IT thinks that contractors should be hired for 3 months.  Yep apparently those are the rules, pity no one told me.  Of course it wasn’t a day where I didn’t have much to do and could go across the road for coffee – nope, I had crap loads of work to do.

Luckily feet were stomped appropriately by enough people and I got access by the afternoon (after illegally using someone else’s profile- ha! Take that IT) but for the rest of the day and today the computer would throw random tantrums culminating with my password randomly being changed – did I mentioned the last couple of days have been crazy busy?

Anyway onwards and upwards!

Tools for procrastination

Word count:22,218

Wow, the first week back is hard.  I think the hardest part is knowing that I finish my current contract on the 27th so I’ll have to start somewhere new again soon – the down side of contracting.

So given that mini breaks from work are good for the brain (I’m sure I read a study about that) and given the brain needs a bit of  a warm up I thought I’d present some of my favourite sites for a work mini break.

A news site here in NZ has a daily quiz and I am not the only person who’s working day isn’t complete until the daily quiz is done. I even got 15/15 once of which I am justifiably proud.

On my return to work I was saddened but not terribly surprised that one of my ‘blogs I check daily’ sleep talking man had been blocked my the IT department for ‘adult content’ if you read through you’ll see why I wasn’t surprised.

Don’t give up your day job

Word count: 21,573

Well it was back to the real world today after two weeks of getting up late, and basically doing feck all.  Not only did I have to get up at a normal time but I actually had to get up early for a 7.10am Chiropractor appointment with my friend and former flatmate.  I was in a really deep sleep at 6.25 having a strange dream that meandered from me working in a hotel, to some sort of interactive history lesson to somehow ending up on a super freaky log flume ride; so that when my alarm went off my first thought was ‘what’s that noise’.

So after having my back and neck put back where they should be I made it into work where I faced the first major obstacle of the day – what the hell was my login?  In it’s infinite wisdom the company I work for doesn’t do the normal firstname.lastname as log in it has a sort of employee number – and first time round I forgot a 0.

I eventually got myself logged and began the longest day ever.  There’s something about that first week back after a holiday where it seems to go on forever – especially the first day.  When I was thinking about my first day back I didn’t think that there would be a heck of a lot to do, that was because I’d completely forgotten about a job ad I had up on a job website.

I work in HR, and part of my job is recruitment.  Before the Christmas break I placed an ad on a job site for a role in Supply chain, luckily I’d screened the applications I’d received before Christmas because there were about 40 applications that had come in over the last two weeks.

Screening CV’s is a pretty easy, it’s almost HR 101 but it was really hard to keep paying attention to badly worded or formatted CV’s on your first day back.  It may be a new year but it seems that people still can’t put together a decent CV and get really basic things wrong – I saw several today where they didn’t list their jobs in reverse chronological order.  I want to read about what you’ve done recently first now dig through a whole bunch of info to see what you’ve been doing!

But still I survived and the next few weeks look to be pretty busy before I finish my contract 27 January.  I’ve even got some writing done since yesterday’s blog – check me out!

A new writing group

Word count 20,845

So today I went along to my first meeting with a writing group.  I love the idea of a writing group because writing is so insular, and it’s next to impossible to know whether you’re writing an instant classic or absolute garbage so having a group of people you can share your work with and get ideas from is great.  It’s also another form of a boot up the bum.

I tried joining a writing group last year but it sort of fizzled out into nothing, so when I stumbled across this group on website meetup, I thought I’d give it another bash.  The group is a real mixture of people – men, women, different ages, different interests in writing, fiction/non fiction,  so I think I’ll be able to get a some really interesting and useful perspectives.

Another good thing about the group was that there were others who had set goals in mind – so they were querying their books or had an idea of when they wanted them published or something they were actually working towards.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out and to read some of the writing from other people in the group, if nothing else it’s meeting a new set of people, which is always a good thing.

Another task part way done

Word count: 20,776

So I’m rapidly running out of holiday time so I figured that I really couldn’t avoid the massive spring clean that I’ve been meaning to do since, well, spring.  The weather for once co-operated and we had a day that you could actually call summer meaning I could do several loads of washing and open all the doors and windows to my house and really give the house a good airing.

Things that were in need of washing have been washed, things have been put away and tidied.  I’m still party way through the process – more things need to be put away and I need to put the Christmas tree down which can, and usually is, done while watching TV, and do whole hope of vacuuming – Joy!

Of course as well as having my house all tidy and extra clean (which it should be I know but I’m pretty untidy) I do need to have it looking amazing because I’ll be looking for a new flatmate from next week.  Just before Christmas my wonderful flatmate had to move out, so now I have to find someone to move in and help with the bills who I like.  My old flatmate and I got on really well.  I especially like that when she was procrastinating (she’s a student) she vacuumed!