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Welcome to P.A

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’ve been planning on starting this blog for a while but guess what?  That’s right I didn’t get around to it!

So there are a few things that have inspired this blog;

  1. Receiving a present from my Mum for Christmas  -a voucher for a photo framing place, the message in the card said “This is so you can stop procrastinating” ok well fair enough.  It’s for photos I took of the Golden Gate Bridge, I was in San Francisco in June 2006 and I returned to NZ in October 2007.  I then got my present from my Dad – a voucher for a pet store, so I could get a cat door, something else I’d been procrastinating about doing but that’s only been for a year – so not that bad really. (though given that the cat door was on sale and I had money left over it does amount to my Dad giving me cat food for Christmas…)
  2. I’m writing a novel and I want to enter it into a competition for new writers of Young Adult books in October.  This means that it has to be not only finished but polished until it gleams by October.  I set myself the goal of having the first draft finished by the end of summer and given that February includes my Mum’s 70th birthday and a very close friend’s Wedding where I’m a bridesmaid writing time may be somewhat limited so that means I really need to do as much as I can by the end of January. But Hurray! I have two weeks off over the Christmas/New Year break and I’m not off to the beach (good thing to – the weather is rubbish) so I have lots of writing time! Except it’s now the 30th and I’ve not done that much… So I will post every day – with a word count.  It’s 3.21 pm 30/12/2011 and the word count is 19,503.  I’m hoping this might make me more accountable to the massive of invisible internet people – I’m not sure how but you never know.
  3. I’ve nearly run out of episodes of Doctor Who and while given that I am writing about time travel and it could loosely be described as researched starting a blog will be a less time consuming procrastination tool than starting another series of some sort.

So there it is, the blog and why I’m writing it.  I shall now share this with the world and hope to be back.


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