I made it back for day two!

Story Word count: 19,745

Ha! A strike is made against the Procrastination beast! I have successfully blogged two days in a row AND written a few words in between feeding my friend’s cats, going out to dinner with friends and getting things sorted for New Years Eve.

Mostly my friends are dubious at this new form of procrastination and that it won’t actually produce any more words in the story I should be writing.  Though apparently there is an English comedian/writer who uses his blog as a warm up as people expect him to post and since he’s there and warmed up he ends up doing a lot of writing that he’s supposed to be doing.  Which just proves there is a method to my madness.

So it’s New Years Eve a time which can be totally over inflated with expectation.  It’s like there’s massive pressure to have the most amazing night EVER.  This year though I know that without really trying I can have a much better New Years Eve than last year because last year I spent NYE in Hospital with what may or may not have been appendicitis.  Drink? Good food? Friends? Nope I had a saline drip, sat by myself reading in the Gynecological ward (because one of the doctors thought it was something to do with that rather than my appendix) though on the plus side Auckland Hospital gets an amazing view of the fire works from the Skytower.

So this year I won’t have a stabbing pain in my side, I won’t be in my PJ’s, and I’ll be at a BBQ, drinking wine with friends.

But between now and then I have some writing to do – I want to crack the 20,000 mark before the end of the year.

Have a safe and happy new years eve and I will be back in 2012 to continue my fight against procrastination.

Welcome to P.A

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’ve been planning on starting this blog for a while but guess what?  That’s right I didn’t get around to it!

So there are a few things that have inspired this blog;

  1. Receiving a present from my Mum for Christmas  -a voucher for a photo framing place, the message in the card said “This is so you can stop procrastinating” ok well fair enough.  It’s for photos I took of the Golden Gate Bridge, I was in San Francisco in June 2006 and I returned to NZ in October 2007.  I then got my present from my Dad – a voucher for a pet store, so I could get a cat door, something else I’d been procrastinating about doing but that’s only been for a year – so not that bad really. (though given that the cat door was on sale and I had money left over it does amount to my Dad giving me cat food for Christmas…)
  2. I’m writing a novel and I want to enter it into a competition for new writers of Young Adult books in October.  This means that it has to be not only finished but polished until it gleams by October.  I set myself the goal of having the first draft finished by the end of summer and given that February includes my Mum’s 70th birthday and a very close friend’s Wedding where I’m a bridesmaid writing time may be somewhat limited so that means I really need to do as much as I can by the end of January. But Hurray! I have two weeks off over the Christmas/New Year break and I’m not off to the beach (good thing to – the weather is rubbish) so I have lots of writing time! Except it’s now the 30th and I’ve not done that much… So I will post every day – with a word count.  It’s 3.21 pm 30/12/2011 and the word count is 19,503.  I’m hoping this might make me more accountable to the massive of invisible internet people – I’m not sure how but you never know.
  3. I’ve nearly run out of episodes of Doctor Who and while given that I am writing about time travel and it could loosely be described as researched starting a blog will be a less time consuming procrastination tool than starting another series of some sort.

So there it is, the blog and why I’m writing it.  I shall now share this with the world and hope to be back.